Golden Section (number or ratio)

The Golden Section is a eye pleasing space division first used in The Parthenon Temple.



As designer, we can make these divisions in any composition as a basis for any project, from business cards to flyers and posters. Some logo designer use it as well to get the most out of the logos. Even photographers use the Golden Ratio to crop and composite their photos. The golden section is also related to the numbers of the Fibonacci series. It starts with 0 and 1, and and the adding the last 2 numbers to get the next string.


When you translate these strings of numbers to a space or composition it will look something like this:



Another easy way to get the Golden Ratio, is to divide the longest section by Phi (1.618) and the result is the longest section of the Golden Ratio, then repeat for the other parts of the space.


Now for us the designers is a bit complicated to get to use the Golden Ratio if we are not organized, the best way I have found to use it is to make a file in Adobe Illustrator the is 13 inches long by 1 inches (is just gonna be a ruler). Inside the file make a rectangle 8 inches long with a fill color, and another that is 13 inches long with another fill color (send to the back that 13 inches rectangle and group both rectangles). Now you can use that to measure any space you get, just stretch it to the longest section of the composition and you will get that Golden Ratio Spiral for an eye appealing design.

Get Inspired and use the Golden Ratio!


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