Eye Flow

As designer we need to make sure, our designs have eye flow

The eye flow is based on how the occidental world read, from left to right and from top to bottom, so we have to place our design elements in a way we can respect the eye flow and give each elements its necesary importance on the design piece.

When we are designing a bussines card, the more important information and the one we need people to read is the logo, so we are gonna place it on the left top corner as show on the chart above. Now the second most important piece of information is the name and tittle which we can place to the right of the logo or below the logo, so this will place the person giving the business card a very important place. Finally the contact information is usually placed on the bottom far right corner, which is what we want to read it to hold into, contacting us.

Now remember, whatever you are designing, use a good eyeflow for the position of your elements, also you can “cheat” and place some forms to imply where the eye should go next always following from left to right and from top to bottom.

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