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There are different color modes in technology, in this article I’m gonna talk about 3 of them: RGB, CMYK, and WEB.

Lets start with CMYK. This is how printers use the colors (commonly digital), Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and K for the Black! In the printing world, these are the primary colors that will help us get all the other colors that we need, trough their combination. The physicist call this color mode “subtractive”, because when you subtracts some of these colors until you finally get away all of them, you will get white. This color mode is what we get taught in elementary school about how Blue, Red and Yellow works.



Now the RGB which means RED, GREEN, BLUE, is the screen color mode in many screen options like LED, LCD or plasma. This color poder works thanks to the subtraction of the colors to create a new color, so if you want blue, only subtract red and green and let the blue shine, is the same for the other two colors, but what happens when you max out the 3 colors? well you get white. This is why physics call it additive color (all the colors combined makes white).


The web color are easy if you understand the RGB color mode well. In websites coding you set the color with letters or numbers most likely will look like #09E3R4. What does it mean?  well the hashtag means that you are about to type a color value, first two digits are red, second two digits green and las two digits is blue. Values go from 00 (color absence) to 99 and ff (color presence). This means that when we have a #000000 we are referring to black (’cause we don’t have neither of the three colors), but if we have a #ffffff is white (’cause we have all three colors combined).


Now that we have these color modes, it is important to understand that each screen, or printer have different colors and you will never get a print the same color as the colors you see on screen or compared to another printer. Only professional tools can calibrate the screen and the printer to work together and get as many right colors as the printer can. You can see this one I found is a good pick for professional works.


Which color mode should I use?

Its easy, when you want a design for social media or email use RGB, which give you better quality for screens, and while be lighter in mb; but if you have to print the design I would recomendó to use CMYK which is the color mode printers use. Now the web color mode will be only use in websites, or mobile apps.

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